Friday, March 22, 2019

Lone Peak High School Cheer Squad 2019-2020

Congratulations to the new team!

Varsity Squad

Indy Parker
Macy Cropper
Kemry Tuttle
Bella Nichols
Cierra Passey
Lauren Wilson
Ella Hammond
Brooklyn Messmer
Kate Oldroyd
Annie Smith
Kate Charles
Sabrina Penn
Parynn Mamone
Morgan Peterson  
Tori Barnes
Kyle Denney
Ashley Fry
Jaylee Rothwell
Macel Nesser
Jade Gandolph
Emily Ferguson
Emmie Helbusch
Abby Miller
Isabelle Glasgow
Haidyn Markham
Abby Brenchley
Payton Hazen

Sophomore Squad

Olivia Enloe
Ally Armstrong
Hailey Melzer
Kenzie Bettridge
Whitney Koch
Oakley Trowbridge
Brooke Buhler
Sarah Winn
Charlotte Law
Kylee Smith
Elizabeth Horsley
Alia Brenchley
Kamryn Giles

See you at Uniform Fitting March 27th in the Dance Room at Lone Peak
Varsity 2:30pm
Sophomores 3:00

Monday, March 18, 2019

Lone Peak Cheer Squad 2019-2020

The 2019-2020 Lone Peak Cheer Squad will be posted today at 3:30.

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Lone Peak Cheer Tryouts 2019-2020

Mandatory Parent and Future Cheerleader Meeting: 
March 18th 6:00pm LPHS Maroon Gym

Tryout Clinics:
March 18th- 4:00-6:00pm LPHS Maroon Gym
March 19th 4:00-6:00pm LPHS Main Gym

Cheer Tryout:
March 20th
LPHS Maroon Gym
Time TBA at Clinics

Day One March 18: First Cut
Fitness Test- two mile run under 20 minutes.
Tumbling- Running and Standing on a mat and on gym floor.

Results will be posted here March 18th at 10:00pm

Day Two March 19:

Day Three March 20:
Judged Tryout 
The LP Cheer Squad for 2019-2020 will be posted here on Friday March 20th at 3:30pm 

Items to be turned in at clinic:
1.***A headshot photo of prospective cheerleader needs to be turned in with your cheer tryout packet. You will not get these back, Full Name on the back.***
2.  Signed Cheer Contract in full. You will receive this at the parent meeting.
3.  Signed Permission Slip. You will receive this at the parent meeting.
4.  Physical form/Parent consent form signed. From your doctor. 
5.  Registration Form. You will receive this at the parent meeting.
6. Copy of your last printed report card.
7. Incoming Sophomores must print out Entity Information, or verify school path found on Skyward. School must be Lone Peak or School #737. Please print this and put it in your packet.

**At the clinics please wear athletic shoes, clothes you can cheer and workout in. At the tryout you will need to dress in Lone Peak colors. Black, White, Maroon, Gold.  Make sure hair is pulled out of your face, with no jewelry and no acrylic nails. Tryouts will go as long as needed.  Please do not leave once you have finished your tryout.  You may be called back in.  The Cheer Squad for 2018-2019 will be posted at the Lone Peak Cheer Blog, on Friday March 20th at 3:30pm 

Tryouts will be based on the following attributes: Energy, fitness, charisma, dance ability, crowd appeal, facials, enthusiasm, motion technique, sharpness, memorization, rhythm, kicks, toe touch, specialty jump, volume, solid tuck, standing tumbling, running tumbling, and school’s input.

Final team selection will take into consideration prior years performance, attitude, discipline, and overall contribution to the team. 


 You will need to get a Physical Exam to tryout.
A form from your doctor must be turned in
with your tryout packet.

Basic Information to Know Before Tryouts:

Incoming Sophomores must print out Entity Information, or verify school path found on Skyward. School must be Lone Peak or School #737. You will be asked for these at the clinic.

-Must have minimum 3.0 GPA (term before tryouts, and cumulative) to audition for cheerleading. 

- To tryout you may not have any F, NC, or I grades.

--To remain eligible cheerleaders may not have any F, NC, or I grades while on the team. If you have any of these you will be placed on probation until it is resolved.

-In order to make grades, cheerleaders need to be in class. 

-The 3.0 must be maintained as a cheerleader.  If the cheerleader receives below a 3.0 GPA on a printed report card the cheerleader will be on probation until the next PRINTED report card. (This means she will still attend practice, and games but will not participate.)  If the cheerleader receives below a 3.0 GPA on the next report card, she will be dismissed from the squad. 

-At the tryout clinic you will be running a timed 2 mile. You can bring running shoes and headphones. 

-Cheerleaders will be awarded elective credit. This is important to keep in mind for graduation credits. 

Summer Schedule: 

June 10-14

June 17-20 Cheer Camp

June 24-25

July- No practice

August-practice begins August 1st


Highland Fling Parade-Aug. 3rd

Alpine Days Parade- Aug 10th

Maroon and Gold Scrimmage TBA

*Schedule is NOT optional. If you make the team you are committing to the dates. No days missed.


**$400 Deposit Due April 1st. 
***Extremely Important***
More information of where to pay this after tryout.

1. Uniform Fitting is March 27th. Dance Room. MANDATORY (by the commons area at LP) 
Varsity 2:30pm
Sophomore 3:00pm
Once Uniforms are ordered on March 27th the cheerleader
 is obligated under all circumstances to pay for her uniforms.
If cheerleader decides to leave the team she will be responsible to pay.

2. New Team Meeting and Practice 
April 11 4-5:45pm Maroon Gym

3. Parent and New Cheerleader Meeting (mandatory, at least one parent)
April 11th 6:00pm LPHS Little Theater

4. Team Practice
May 2nd 4:00-6:00pm Maroon Gym

5. Safety Clinic-May 9th Skyridge High School
Safety Clinic
A bus will be provided.